Endangered artist

the last of a dying breed

Rely Emerson is a multi-talented Hip-Hop artist and an aspiring rapper who holds an impeccable amount of passion for crafting musical pieces of remarkable significance. Rely was born in a blizzard in Bethpage, New York and ultimately moved to Carlisle, South Carolina with his mother and siblings at an early age of 3.  Rely spent a major portion of his childhood in dreaming about becoming a professional fighter but unforeseen injuries derailed his hopes of becoming one. Rely always had a great admiration for music and his love for the music motivated him to pursue his passion as a profession. Rely had always been deeply intrigued by anything which was correlated to music let it be dancing, singing, or writing. Rely initiated focusing on his passion at an early age and won his first dance competition at the age of 8 and still practices with some of the best in the world.

Rely’s love for music was majorly driven from his mother and he began writing music at the age of 10. Rely always considered himself as an outcast of the family and music acted as the source through which he could deal with his pain and express himself in a manner that dancing never could. Rely’s everyday life experiences were his major source of inspiration and his ability to write about the horrific experiences of life in an elegant fashion made his music more appealing and unique. Rely’s versatility as a songwriter provides him with an edge over his fellow artists and amplifies his stature as a Hip-Hop artist.

Rely holds a remarkable amount of courage which enables him to write about his unique perception of the world and is always in awe of finding means to formulate his own legacy. Rely’s primary objective is to use his musical gift as the source to provide for his family and wants to explore the world and inspire others. His formidable blend of storytelling ability and gritty voice on mixing up with his gift of musical inclination makes it hard not to like his music. Rely is a highly gifted artist and holds the complete package and his musical gifts are quite often too hard to handle for the local shows of small stature.